Deeper Still

As suggested in the previous post my second Pennant match was less satisfactory and it is one that I remember clearly. After supposedly performing well in our third side I was moved up to the second side the following weekend. Both seconds and thirds are in lower divisions and being just two divisions apart the standard of play can be similar or markedly different depending on the opponents and the venue.

It was during this match that it became clear that I needed to gain better control over the length at which I bowled. Length control is a critical skill, which improves with practice over time as much as by attention to any particular aspect of technique. In particular that day many of my bowls were coming up short, which is the bane of any skip’s well crafted strategy. Needless to say the skip that day was not best pleased and I didn’t see action again in the seconds for the rest of the season.

To be fair, spending the rest of the season in the third side was also partly aimed at keeping several novices together in a familiar team of four but it certainly gave me an opportunity to improve steadily ‘under the radar’ ready for a breakout season the following year.

Check back for upcoming posts on aspects of bowling technique such as length control as well as observations on selection challenges!

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