Introducing Bowl Movements

Have you ever considered playing lawn bowls? Perhaps you feel that bocce or petanque are more trendy and that lawn bowls might be a little staid. You would be mistaken. Certainly lawn bowls is a game of precision played on a finely manicured surface (tightly mown grass or an artificial equivalent) but in addition to delicately weighted shots designed to establish a good scoring position there are more aggressive shots designed to dramatically alter the existing position of the bowls. So regardless of whether you were a kid who liked to create things with your building blocks or a kid who preferred to wreck what others had created, you'll likely find an opportunity to suit you in the game of lawn bowls. You'll just have to learn how to execute those shots and when best to apply them.

Bowl Movements, as the jocular name might imply, offers a slightly irreverent take on the game of lawn bowls. The site started life as a blog recording a beginner's initial impressions of the game and has since evolved from there.

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