Singles League: Introduction

Welcome to the Bowl Movements Singles League, an innovatively structured lawn bowls league providing a competitive opportunity for bowlers who enjoy the singles format. The concept is currently being trialed for members of a local bowls club.

Players are ranked based on points awarded according to match results. 10 points are distributed between the two players completing each singles match depending on the result, from 5 pts each for a draw to 10 pts to the winner and 0 pts to the loser if the winning margin is 9 shots or more. Matches are 4 bowl singles over 15 ends. A more detailed summary of the rules is available on the Singles League Rules page.

Current participants wishing to submit a match result should visit the Submit Match Result page, where you will find an online match result submission form.

If you are interested in joining the league or have any questions or comments please email the organizers at