Singles League: Rules

  1. League matches are 4 bowl singles over 15 ends, plus deciding end(s) if necessary.*
  2. Control of the mat for the first end will be decided by a coin toss.
  3. There will be 2 trial ends of 2 bowls each prior to the start of the match.
  4. There will be no dead ends - jacks will be replaced 2m from the front ditch, either 1.5m from the centre line in the direction exited if they exited laterally or on the centre line if they exited forward or back.
  5. The league will comprise a single division.
  6. Player ranking will be based on a points system with all new entrants starting on 200 points.
  7. The winner of each league match will acquire a portion of their opponent's ranking points, either 5% if they win by fewer than 10 shots or 10% if they win by 10 shots or more (transferred points rounded to the nearest integer in each case).
  8. Any two players may, by mutual agreement, choose to play a league match at any time, except that no two players may play each other in a league match sooner than 2 weeks after their previous league match against each other.
  9. Players can use a formal challenge to force a reluctant opponent to play a match or suffer a forfeit, provided the prospective opponent is ranked no more than 50 points above or below the challenger.
  10. The specific procedure and other conditions for issuing a formal challenge are detailed elsewhere.
  11. At the end of a match the winner should email the result to the organisers who will update the standings. The email should note the winner, the opponent, the shots scored and the date and time at which the match finished.

* 8 bowl singles over 9 ends, while not officially sanctioned, is acceptable if both players agree. This novel fours-like format has been tested by some - be your own team!