Twilight League: Introduction

This popular and innovative league has been running for a few seasons now. In 2020/21 we introduce a simplified format, which we hope will be a successful model for the future.

This shortened season will comprise just 10 rounds of 12 end three bowl pairs matches (with a two bowl triples match if numbers require it). Bonus ends will no longer be incorporated as they proved to be rather more speculative than predictive. Standings and prizes will be determined by a cumulative shot tally for each player, which will be the sum of shot differences plus a 3 shot bonus for each match won minus a 3 shot penalty for each match lost.

A $10 entry fee will entitle a player to participate in as many of the 10 rounds as they wish. Entry fees will be pooled to provide season end prize money. This will be distributed to players who finish with a positive shot tally in amounts proportional to the size of that tally.

The current shot tally for each participant can be seen in the Twilight League Standings, which will be updated regularly.