Twilight League: Introduction

For the second season in a row the team at Bowl Movements is offering a Twilight League, which is being run at our local club. This season there is a $5 season entry fee, which should enable more substantial prizes to be awarded. There will be 20 rounds in total and only pairs matches of 10 ends will be played unless a triples match is necessary to accommodate numbers. Pairs will be randomly formed afresh for each round and Twilight League Standings, which will be updated after each round will rank individual players. Participation every round is not mandatory and the overall winner will be based on the most points obtained from each player's best ten matches. Points will be awarded in the same incremental manner as last season, dependent upon the size of the match win. A new innovation for this season will be the bonus play, which allows skips to opt for a bigger win during an end if they are confident after having seen 8 bowls delivered.