Twilight League: Rules

  1. There is a $10 league entry fee, which funds season end prize money.
  2. The league will comprise 10 rounds of matches with teams selected each week from attendees.
  3. Matches will be 12 ends of 3 bowl pairs with a 2 bowl triples match if numbers require.
  4. There will be no trial ends and the first team to bowl will be decided by a coin toss.
  5. There will be no dead ends - dead jacks will be replaced on the 2m mark.
  6. At the completion of 6 ends (every 4 ends for triples) teams will rotate roles.
  7. Participants will accumulate a shot tally during the season as described below.
  8. Shot tally = sum of shot differences + 3 shots per match won - 3 shots per match lost.
  9. Players finishing with positive shot tallies will share season end prize money proportionately.
  10. Prize monies will be rounded to be multiples of $5, which may be $0 for small shot tallies.